Resetting your projector filter counter

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Resetting your projector filter counter

Before we discuss the topic of resetting your projector filter counter, it is important to know why you would reset it to begin with.
Lets refer to it as a sort of digital calendar that keeps track of the hours. It would then send you a reminder in the form of an on screen display that it is time for a service or replacement.

This is to ensure that regular servicing of these audio visual products occurs. The benefits of this includes that your electronic devices will run at optimum functionality and to ensure a longer life expectancy.

Here are a few simple steps to resetting your projector filter counter.

Please note that it is only recommended to do so when the filters have been cleaned or changed, simply resetting this without the necessary maintenance can result in extreme dust build up which has a long list of negative effects to your product.

Step 1: Press Menu

InchBrook Audio Visual Projector Filter Counter

Step 2: Select Setting

Step 3: Select Filter Counter

Step 4: Select Filter Counter Reset

Step 5: Select Yes

Step 6: Select Yes again

Step 7: Check that Filter Counter is on Nil

For a step by step demonstration in video format, view our YouTube Channel via the link below.

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