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Step No. 1

Make sure the projector is turned off also unplugged.

Locate the projector lamp door on your device furthermore open and remove it.

The projector lamp door may be snapped into place or secured with screws.

Please see your device`s manual for details.InchBrook Audio Visual Projector Lamp


Step No. 2

Uninstall the projector lamp unit from the device.

Many times the projector lamp housing unit can be released by loosening screws, then pulling the lamp straight out.

InchBrook Audio Visual Projector Lamp

Step No. 3

With the new projector lamp housing unit, reverse Steps 1 and 2 to install it, then verify that the projector lamp unit is securely placed inside the device.


Step No. 4

Make sure the projector lamp door is secure.

Screw or snap panel door into place.

Turn the device on and reset the projector lamp timer if necessary.

 InchBrook Audio Visual Projector Lamp


  • Turn the projector power off and wait 30 minutes before replacing the projector lamp as it can be hot.
  • Do not touch the glass part of the projector lamp with your bare hands nor insert any foreign object inside the projector cover as it may cause poor screen quality, electric shock or fire.
  • Do not place the old projector lamp near flammable objects or within reach of children.
  • Projector lamps may contain Mercury.


InchBrook Audio Visual

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