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Today technology has certainly increased dramatically, broadening the range of audio visual products available. This, in turn, has made it increasingly difficult to distinguish between corporate integration and residential products. With the advent of massive, high street stores, many new audio visual companies have mushroomed utilizing ill-conceived product sets that are not suitable for corporate environments.


Coffee Machine or Kettle

Let’s use the concept of an everyday household item to better explain.
Imagine walking into a retailer searching for a coffee machine for your coffee shop and the salesperson sells you a kettle. Since he is the expert, you trust the opinion and purchase said kettle. Some of the functionality you require is there and above all, it serves a very similar purpose. A kettle is however, not designed for the labour intensity of a coffee shop and as a result, is not being used for its intended use. It will soon burn out and compromise the warranty. In turn, it did not provide all the functionality you needed to streamline and increase productivity. These are just simple examples of how residential technology might not be the ideal solution for your business or corporate environment.


Inchbrook AV`s Focus

Inchbrook Audio Visual above all remain focused on customer requirements. Supplying prompt services and delivering integrated audio visual solutions suitable for their needs, functionality and environment.

Our aim is to provide a complete turnkey solution. We do this by engineering the process from planning, designing, installing and servicing of equipment. We are even able to train your staff in the use of our solutions.

By providing this level of custom-designed solutions, we ensure to leave customers in control of making an informed decision. Whilst providing sound advice and product options to suit your needs and pocket.

For more information on the benifits of hiring an Audio Visual Expert, view our blog on Why you need an AV installations team to set up your company`s audio visual. 

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